Update the trend of Japanese girls “Jirai Makeup”

Trend Up Jirai Makeup starting to become more interested. After the stars in Japan have tried this look on social media, it is a very eye-catching look that hides some of its charms. Plus, there is a very easy make-up process, so this time we will take your friends. Let’s update Jirai Makeup makeup trends to delve into the origin and method of makeup!

Jirai Makeup is sick but cute.

The origin of Jirai Makeup Originally in Japan, there was a trend of wearing pale, sick, feminine looks, gentle, nurturing with an emphasis on eye makeup. And apply eyeshadow on the bags under the eyes to make them look big, called “Ryousan Gata Makeup

This makeup style is very popular among “otaku girls” who like male idols like Johnny’s. Or 2.5 D stage actors (live-action actors from anime or manga To cosplay), making a change known as “Ryousan Gata Otaku” in later times by the fashion to dress the girls in this group tend to wear Gothic Lolita. I like pink color, carry cute Sanrio items, use brand name items from MCM or Maison de FLEUR etc.

The difference between Jirai Makeup and Ryousan Gata Makeup is

Ryousan Gata Makeup = Makeup for men to focus on and turn their eyes on
Jirai Makeup = Trendy makeup. Without being bothered by what men would look at

By the dressing of the girls The Ryousan Gata Makeup style focuses on pink. To make it look sweet and cute, but girls who make up Jirai Makeup style will focus on black, hiding the mystery.

Jirai Makeup has makeup methods that are not as complicated as you think. With the following important points

1. Apply makeup base or foundation to make the face look pale. Without having to blush the cheeks to highlight or shade the face

2. Apply red or pink eyeshadow on the upper and lower eyelids. Making his eyes look bloodshot like someone just finished crying

3. Highlight the bags under the eyes with a pearl eyeshadow mixed with pink or similar colors. Make bags under the eyes look swollen Like someone who is ready to cry anytime

4. Apply brown eyeliner thin bags under the eyes. To add shadows to make the bags under the eyes appear larger And apply eyeliner on the lower lash line To add a dark twist to this look

5. Apply a black eyeliner close to the top edge of the eye. Focus on drawing the tail of the eye to fall The longer the eyes are drawn, the longer Will make the eyes look bigger

6. Curl eyelashes, apply mascara on upper and lower lashes. Emphasize the lashes and bounce like a doll’s eyes.

7. Apply lipstick red end. Finish the makeup style of Jirai Makeup.

Also, do not forget to dress up in a Gothic Lolita style with a black accent to match the makeup and ‘little two’ hair ties, similar to the “Misamisa” character from Death. Note to add cuteness Only You are a cute girl with a bomb hidden with a dangerous charm!