Makeup tips, Long-lasting beautiful face

Makeup tips. Beautiful face for a long time, we believe that many girls will probably experience the same problem for sure. Than to make the makeup look absolutely beautiful each time It takes several minutes, or some people wear makeup for hours. But when stepping out of the house, suddenly I see the hot, strong sun Until the sweat flooded the face, flooded the body at once… all the cosmetics on the face were gathered together to flow, greasy, stains or fell out without rest

But this problem will not bother you anymore. Just you girls, follow 6 easy makeup tips. That we list to each other today After reading it, try it out, remember it and use it as a makeup technique to help lock up beautiful makeup. To be long-lasting in the morning until the evening without any drop.

1. Prepare the skin, the easier the makeup is, the longer it lasts, Makeup tips

Believe us that if you want to make up to last all day The first thing you should do is prepare your skin for makeup. And then preparing the skin to be ready, it has to start. Since the process of cleaning the skin

It is suggested that all girls should exfoliate regularly 1-2 times / week. To get rid of dead skin cells Including impurities not to clog the skin And have to wash your face before applying makeup every time To cleanse the skin and remove excess sebum and other impurities as well, this time when the skin is clean and clear without residue. Will help make makeup easier and easily last longer than before

2. Apply a primer to help lock makeup and shine, Makeup tips

An item that will help lock makeup to stay on the skin. Especially people with oily skin type must have a vanity attached to it , “Primer”. Primer is. It is a makeup base that is applied after the skincare is complete.

The properties of the primer will help fill in the pores to look shallower and smaller. Help blur the skin to look smoother and more clear. Along with helping to control excess oil Makes makeup stay on the face for a long time, which you girls can apply a primer all over the face. Or it can be applied only to the T-zone where the skin is easily oily during the day. Once you’ve applied the primer, you can start applying makeup.

3. Create beautiful, smooth, light work without waving.

If you have to apply sunscreen, skin cream, foundation, and foundation, I can say that it’s a lot of time consuming. The thicker the waving. The face is greasy even more when the thick makeup is met with hot and sweaty weather. Also increases the risk of makeup flowing during the day. A good way if you don’t want to see the sizzling makeup moment. Should create a beautiful, smooth, light work Do not wave any thick makeup. And if you choose a product that includes sunscreen, nourishment, and conceals the skin to be perfectly smooth, all in one. It will be even better.

Now it’s time to add some color to your face. In addition to having to choose the color of makeup to suit your skin and style. If you want makeup to last the same color as when you have just finished your makeup. Should choose to use Cream cosmetics Instead of dust would be better.

Because all cream cosmetics Whether it is a cream blush. Cream eyeshadow Highlights, creams, etc. can be spread close to the skin naturally. Provides longer lasting than cosmetic dust. You don’t have to rely on accessories like a single brush and it can also be used to apply many parts of your face, such as applying cream blush to your cheeks and eyelids. Or introducing lipstick to lips and cheeks, etc.

5. Don’t forget to choose waterproof & sweat-proof makeup.

The main culprit that causes the makeup to fall off, oily face or make the makeup color paler than before, is because of ‘sweat’, but to stop sweating, it would be impossible. The more the weather in Thailand, which is both hot and sweltering, makes sweat even more likely.

Therefore, the best way to solve the problem of makeup falling from sweat is: The selection of waterproof and sweat- proof formulas to apply makeup itself. Whether it’s foundation, eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, or mascara, it’s best to choose a formula that stays on your face without greasy or smudging. Will be sure that the face is absolutely beautiful and not shade

6. After makeup is finished, skin must be reched with powder / spray again.

An easy trick that every woman has to know is after the makeup is done. The skin should be set again with powder. To prevent excess sebum Does not make the skin greasy. And help lock makeup to last longer But if you do not want the skin to look as thick as plaster on the face

We recommend that the setting powder should be opaque. That does not mix colorless foundation to help make the skin not shiny, not looking too thick Or anyone with a very heavy oily skin, may use another setting spray to set the skin as well. So you can make sure that your makeup will stay on your face for a long time.