Including “clear purple blush 2021 for dark skin”

Darker skinned people often have trouble choosing a blush. Because if the brown tone is too dark, it will make the face look dull. If applying a light blush was barely able to see any color again. So today I have a blush that is suitable for dark skinned girls. It is a purple tone that people with dark skin turn to look milky pink. Let’s go and see what brands are there to use.

1.Tony Moly Cheektone Single Blusher # P01 Milky Violet

Tony Moly’s this is cheap and good, the color is lovely. Purple milk powder. Flick and very cute. The longevity is moderate. But if you think of milky tones Really need this color,

2. BBIA Last Blush # 02 Lavender Blossom

It’s a pretty pastel purple lavender shade. Apply and get a clear, crunchy cheek look. Simple Korean style package Good texture, rounded and bright.

3. Clinique Cheek Pop # 15 Pansy Pop

The blush of flowers is very loud in every color. It is purple that dark skinned people have turned away. Will have clear purple-pink cheeks Has a light luster like healthy skin, very beautiful, can be confirmed.

4. Eglips Cheek Fit Blusher # 01 Pansy Cheek Fit

It is a purple blush that blushing. This brand is already famous for blurring pores. Anyone looking for a purple blush, try this number.

5. Shu Uemura Glow on # M225 Soft Mauve

Legendary purple blush. Pretty cool color Dark-skinned people will look like a girl with clear and beautiful cheeks like a young lady. Love a lot. May be a little difficult to find. Anyone who likes, should buy it. It is really beautiful,