How To “Practice Fancy Makeup” Like A Professional!

Introduce techniques and cosmetics to apply fancy makeup. Beginners can customize themselves.

The beauty of beauty is diverse So there are many different makeup techniques as well. As usual, women often make up in a natural look or a everyday look because it is a look that is easy to wear and look polite and suitable for every situation. But there is also another very popular make-up look – fancy makeup. They usually make up for cosplay as their favorite characters or cartoons. Make imagination come true the more you have the fancy makeup, the more skillful it will be. 

Step 1 Base Makeup Apply primer, foundation and powder.

After the skincare procedure Begin with the base makeup steps. By applying a primer to make cosmetics last longer keeps the skin smooth. Easy makeup Wait for the primer to set. Followed by foundation Spread over the face or the area that needs makeup It is recommended for foundation products. Should choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Or choose a shade that is close to the character or cartoon character you want to make up according to the look.

Step 2: Draw eyebrows with eyebrow pencil or eyebrow dust

When makeup is done according to the base makeup steps. Let the eyebrows be painted with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow dust. Which can make eyebrows normally or eyebrows according to the characters or cartoons that want to make up according to Highly recommended for eye pencils and eyebrows. Choose to buy a shade that matches your hair color. The fancy dress May be able to choose a colorful eyebrow pencil.

Step 3: Apply an eye primer and paint with eyeshadow on false eyelashes

Coming to the step that helps create the color of the fantasy makeup. First, apply an eye primer on the eyelids. To make eyeshadow last longer and more clearly colored After that, apply eyeshadow. Starting from the base color Apply all over the eyelids. Followed by light to dark colors can make the eyes fancy as desired. Including at this stage can add false eyelashes

Step 4: Make your cheeks tanned with blush

Add color to the cheeks to look healthy color by using the desired shade of blush to use. Apply cheeks with a blush brush on both cheeks. You can choose to use a cream blush. To make the color last longer And can choose to use a blush shade according to your fancy theme

Step 5 Apply lipstick to beautiful lips.

A fancy makeup look that can really stand out is the lips. Choose the desired color lipstick. Without fear of how strange the color is Because a fancy make-up look is a look that needs something unconventional. Make a difference. So I am confident to pick up a colorful lipstick, but I rarely apply it in real life.

Step 6 Add some color with glitter and other decorations

For a fancy makeup look Using just makeup alone might not stand out enough. Therefore, the fancy makeup technique that many people prefer to use is the application of glitter or other decorative accessories on the desired area. By selecting materials used for makeup. The residue used to stick choose from fancy makeup or eyelash residue. Because there is a standard that is safe for the body.