How to “Cover up eyebrow tattoo”, make new eyebrows

How to cover up eyebrows tattoo, which of the girls have tattooed eyebrows and don’t like them? Or want to change the look change the shape of the eyebrows to get more makeup. Because we can easily cover the eyebrow tattoo itself without to remove the tattoo at all, just follow how to do this, it’s beautiful.

Equipment used
– Foundation to focus on concealment. Or a concealer any time.
– Eyebrow pencil
– The eyebrow dust
– Brow brush

How to cover up eyebrows tattoo and make new eyebrows

1. The eyebrows in the tattoo samples are quite thick and very dark in color. Sometimes the makeup looks too harsh. Prepare to find a foundation or concealer that is the same color as your face.

2. Use your fingers to dab foundation or concealer over the eyebrows to reduce the intensity of the tattoo to fade. When applying foundation across the eyebrows Will see the difference That eyebrows are more natural

3. If you want to cover up and write a new eyebrow shape You can add a secondary layer to cover it. Then wait for a moment to dry and use a pencil to start drawing a new eyebrow shape should lightly sketch your hand, not too dark.

4. Use a powder eyebrow shadow gradually. Fill the eyebrows with a gentle brush, do not rain until the color is dark. Then use a brush or cotton swab to touch the foundation to keep the brow edge sharpened Just this is beautiful.

When finished, it can be clearly seen that the eyebrows have a different shape. Allows us to write multiple eyebrows Without having to go to remove the original eyebrow tattoo, get girls who are not ready to remove eyebrow tattoo Let’s go and do it together.