Eyebrow trend, Korean shape 2021

When it comes to Korean makeup trends, it’s about writing Korean eyebrows. It’s still something that’s popular in our country with a good trend. But for this year 2021 , Korean style eyebrows trend. He secretly has a trend that has changed a bit. Today we picked Korean eyebrow trend That Korean girls are popular for all Ufabet Thai girls to update accordingly. which although the trend has changed But let me tell you that all the eyebrows of Korean women like us can still pick up and follow them easily. And it is suitable for the face of Thai women, of course.

1. Make your eyebrows slightly curved. thin eyebrow tail

     Previously, we may have seen the trend to draw straight eyebrows. I have always come from girls in Korea, but for this year, I have to say that the trend of eyebrows that are a bit arched and curved. Not writing in a straight line is coming. which in addition to writing to have a slight deflection Korean women also write to make the eyebrows look longer. It’s called a beautiful eyebrow shape. And Thai girls can dress up as well!

2. Brush the head of the eyebrow to make it slightly full, natural.

     Eyebrow brushing is a trend that is still going strong. But for the trend of swiping eyebrows like this of Korean girls, he will not brush until fluffy, thick, elegant like a cotton thread. but will focus on brushing to look naturally beautiful get with all eyebrows which simple technique To brush the eyebrows like this is to use the eyebrow gel to help, sure enough. It is recommended to swipe up and curve along the brow shape. You will get a natural shape like Korean girls!

3. Reveals the original natural eyebrow shape without drawing the eyebrows until it becomes a clear line

     For girls who already have eyebrows not a girl with thin eyebrows This trend is for you! Because the trend of eyebrow writing is another hot trend of scratching girls, it will be writing little eyebrows. Reveal your natural eyebrows. By writing eyebrows like this, it will be the nature of the eyebrows with a little powder eyebrows. Without writing a clear outline, focusing on a thin color to make the eyebrows look more full.

How are you girls? For writing Korean eyebrows in 2021, it’s a trend that can be easily picked up and followed, right? Who wants to be beautiful like a young woman Well, let’s go try these eyebrows according to the trends!