“Bank Natdanai a Makeup Artist in New York”

Bank Natdanai Boonyaratphon, a famous Thai makeup artist in America From her work as Head of Makeup Team in the global stage of New York Fashion Week, as well as her makeup career as a model for many leading fashion magazines. From childhood passion to the power of Passion, determined to reach the very top of being a Makeup Artist: a trip to New York. Fashion City

The beginning of being a Makeup Artist 

It started with being inspired as a child. The bank grew up with magazines, at that time there was no online media. There will be only TV shows, fashion shows, magazines. We like to read beauty columnists. Read on to find out what the makeup artist he uses to make his models look that way. What did he use? But if you give a deeper account Starting point is Every day that the bank saw her mother make up to work in the morning. I would like to observe why today my lips this color Why did your mother write her eyebrows? Or today Mom changed the color of her lips Mom’s look changes every day with makeup. It’s like a magic And it has inspired us since then. But the starting point that actually make-up becomes Passion is back to high school. 

At that time the school would have a colorful sports event and there would be cheers. The entire bank room only had 5 women and no one made up for friends. At that time, I volunteered to make up for my friends. Take a little makeup that we have to help you dress up. Then linked to the university period There was one who had to learn make-up for acting.

Step out of the Comfort Zone to pursue your passion.

Of course, my parents wanted us to work like everyone else, at that time he saw it as a career as a marinade. The family wants to make a stable career. We were men again, and no one wanted to become a makeup artist back then. But when we love, we must prove Bank has always planned before coming to New York. We want to discover new things. Wanting to follow Passion, which in Thailand and the makeup artist industry, he had a big number at that time. If we are going to work, we will only get a little work which may not be a period for us to truly learn. But we still want to work in the fashion industry, magazine work, so we have to send ourselves abroad. To meet something new With little experience But don’t blame anyone We see the next thing to do is prove yourself.

It was a real step out of the Comfort Zone. After making a decision, he focused on working, saving money and planning to go to New York. Go to show the whole family that we really intend to walk the Makeup Artist path.

How is it going to New York?

Before going there, Bank watched a television program. This is a tape interviewed by Nick Baros, a Thai Makeup Artist who also works in New York and Thailand. He finished the architecture, but he wanted to be a makeup artist at the time, remembering that he had finished watching the show, hurried to search for a way to contact him. Wrote 2 pages of e-mail to him, but it turned over that Nick’s laptop couldn’t read Thai. So we had to translate all the writings into English again with our sly skill. In the end, P’Nick is about to return to work in Thailand and let us be an assistant at that time. At the end of the event, we were more confident about our decision to go to New York.

But this route was not sprinkled with rose petals. We went with Student Visa. It was a very busy schedule. Wake up from eight o’clock to study In the afternoon, working at the restaurant is long until midnight, very tired, and when we have work, we have to ask for leave and go to work.Test shot, fashion for my portfolio, which most of them do not have money, so we still have to work at the restaurant. But after a while, we got a lot of connections, and when he had a job, he started calling us to do something like this for 4 years. In the fifth year, we got work permit and came out as a Makeup Artist in our agency in full.

What kind of makeup work is especially fond of?

We were in New York and would like to be The New Yorker is simple: emphasize something on the face, such as a lip or contour, or a smokey eye less is more.

It has two aspects. The first is technology and style. We must always learn Can’t come and do the way we like all the time Customers like that, you have to be able to dress too. It doesn’t stop at dressing up in fashion. If customers want to have a beautiful makeover, they must do it with lights, technology, it will affect our work. The second thing is that the sales matter is very important. We will present ourselves to the world that this is our work. And how to sell makeup styles Maybe we have to go do makeup for people who have never put on makeup before.

Make him believe us how beautiful you are, or try this lip color, you will definitely stand out. Moreover, we have to compete with tens of thousands of thousands of technicians in the face. A new generation of children are born every day. How do we get ourselves there? The point where we have to change for the better but not lose ourselves. Learning and adapting are really important.

How to overcome discouragement, tiredness, and big obstacles in life.

Childhood and Asian The good thing is that we always look at children, but it becomes a problem because they think we are children to work for them. Being Asian will also make some customers worry if we can really do it or not, for example, perhaps having to do makeup for people of color.

Bank will be afraid that we will really understand the makeup for him or not. He is afraid that we will not dress beautifully. We need to make him more confident and confident with us. For the first three months I always thought that I wanted to go back to Thailand. Very much fighting with myself This is not our home, it is very different from Thailand. New York is a city that never sleeps, and if we don’t go to work, we won’t have rice to eat. If sick, not going to work, customers will blacklist us when faced with work problems, there are some discourages that are tired and tired, the only thing we do is to move on, encourage yourself, find something good, do find positive energy on yourself. A lot In the reality of the working world, we don’t have time to sit and regret a lot.

The ultimate goal set

Now the bank sees that the goals have been achieved. Having come to New York, working with an artist or someone we dreamed of working with here, we’ve done it. Even working in Thailand, many celebrities and artists that we love We have already worked with him. But now it has come to the point where we will continue to transfer the experience and knowledge that we have gained to the children. Now starting to teach to the children That he is excited to know or fans who are makeup artists to learn together Until now, there have been two generations to teach the younger generation. He actually finished and started working. Started following the path that we had before

Features that a Makeup Artist should have

What will make you a good worker is that you have to have an attitude and a positive mind. If we have both of these things, everything else will follow automatically. No matter how punctual Self development Relationships with colleagues and customers Because we are full of it We respect our career Asked if it was sometimes difficult as well. When we encounter problems There are times when you feel angry and angry, but you have to learn to stop yourself. Because in the end, if we release negative stories Coming in, it makes it difficult for us to move on or do things, not having any positive effect on both ourselves and the work that we are doing. Better let go and create positive energy for ourselves.

How to find inspiration for work

If not counting social TV or magazines, going to the Museum is where We go into art See the drawing and see the sculpture for days. It really inspires us. There was a time when we went to see Alexander McQueen’s work. Get a lot of work ideas Regarding the use of color, materials, various materials can be applied in our makeup work. Because fashion works also need to be creative as well More than that is relaxation. Because we can walk these things by ourselves Take time for yourself to interpret our art.