4 “makeup tips for dark skinned girls”, good tricks you must know

Skin color is another important factor that makes girls’ beautiful makeup stumbling, if you choose a makeup color, miss makeup doesn’t match your skin mistakes can always happen. His face was dull and gray, it looked no more dignified. Today we would like to bring you makeup tips to beautify your skin. Which enhances the charm of dark skinned girls to look more beautiful than before.

1. Choose the base color as close to the skin as possible

Choosing a foundation shade is a huge problem faced by many women, regardless of skin tone. The darker the skin, the darker the skin, the more tanned skin, the more you have to be careful, if choosing the wrong color of the foundation can make our skin look even more dull. 

Lack of attractive charm It is a poor problem, causing even more headaches. Tips that will help girls with color skin choose the foundation that best fits the skin. It is known to choose a foundation tone that emphasizes the shade closest to our beautiful skin, about 2 shades that are darker and slightly lighter than the skin tone, but still a tone close to the skin. 

This will give women a more natural looking skin. Does not make the face too bright or dull. Use the foundation for a lighter shade of skin on the forehead, eye sockets, temples, and jawline to create a three-dimensional look. It will help dark-skinned girls reveal their beautiful skin, look good.

2. Choose the right blush color

Although each brand has a blush color scheme, there are many fun colors to choose from. The important thing is not that we choose the color that you like. But should choose a blush color that matches our skin tone properly. If we choose to use a blush that is not suitable for the skin, it will make our face look strange, highlight the face to float in gray, making the face look sick. 

In the area of ​​beautiful cheeks that will make dark-skinned girls have a soft, bouncy skin, is to choose a blush. Soft peachy pink shade. Coral orange tone Apply to the cheekbones. Or may choose to use a golden brown or orange-gold tone, which will help drive the face to look brighter, adding a luster, charm to women even more.

3. Spot makeup

For fair-skinned girls, having an assistant like concealer is one of the most important steps in the makeup process to make the face look flawless, but for dark-skinned girls, the most important step of makeup is to emphasize. Brightens and repairs skin flaws Because if dark skin is exposed too many flaws, it can make the skin tone look uneven, making it more difficult to make beautiful makeup. 

It is very important to focus on repairing the skin. Therefore, dark skinned girls should pay attention to concealing the depletion point, creating a smooth and consistent color with the choice of using a bronzer, highlighting, covering down spots, creating a distinctive feature for the face. Will help make girls with dark skin makeup come out to look beautiful.

4.Focus on bright lip colors

For dark skinned girls who want to make their skin look more beautiful Choosing a lipstick color scheme is also an important consideration. If girls choose to use a lip color that is too light, it may make the girls’ skin look even more shabby. 

A simple trick is to focus on bright and shiny tones. Add the gloss to make lips look plump and kiss. Or maybe choose a lip color in line with the blush tone, such as nude orange tone, it will add dazzling charm, making two-colored girls have a beautiful make-up look that is absolutely unbeatable.