Update 5 popular “clothing color trends 2021”

Do not want to go out of trend, need to update! Today we will take everyone to update. Trend of 2021 clothing colors, what color tones will be popular? Fashionable looks for 2021!

1. Trends in clothing colors: Ombre or tie dye.

Ombre or Ombre is a French word that means shading or gradation. By this color of clothing, most of the Thai people are known as “tie dye” because the technique of tie dyeing is a technique. Most popular that many people tend to be DIY into clothes tone Ombre to put together there. 

Which the Ombre had been very popular before And believe that this year 2021 will definitely be hit again. Because the world-famous model Bella Hadid posted on Instagram while she was making a tie-dye top. 

In addition to Bella Hadid, there are also many famous international fashion influencers who choose to mix and match the Ombre colors. Including celebrity high-profile woman like Kylie Jenner as well, she chose this color to match the look chic. For her daughter or sister Stormi itself. On the Thai side.

2. Clothing color trends: Pantone colors

Pantone color has been the most popular color scheme over the years. And believe that in the year 2021 this will definitely be more popular Girls have to keep an eye on what color will Pantone choose as the 2021 color of the year 2021, the last Pantone color in 2020 is Classic Blue or PANTONE color code 19-4052.

Besides the color of the year, Pantone also has many other color schemes for us to mix and match with our clothing looks. You can say that almost all Pantone colors are available. It is a gorgeous color with a great signature. It is also a popular color that fashionistas as well as designers choose to use as a color scheme for new collections.

3. Trends in clothing colors: white and black

The next color is a color that cannot be mentioned at all anyway. Because it is considered the most popular color forever Regardless of year Wearing it, it still looks modern and doesn’t fall out of trend easily. 

The color that this is white – black itself. Which white-black is considered a color tone control regardless of what kind of mix and match will bring Still get a look that looks chic and chic that has it all It is also a color that does not require much thought. 

Which day do not know what to wear try to pick up white-black tone clothes Say that girls will get a look that is simple but chic, real. Importantly, buying white-black clothing is also very worthwhile. Because it can be worn for a long time do not fall trend easily. I will wear it now or for many years to come. This color will never go out.

4. Trends in clothing colors: earth tones

Another color that controls tones that are popular forever and are not easily out of trend is Earth tone color itself. Whether it is the land, the sky, the trees, the mountains or the sea, etc. This earth tone is a color that is not flashy. Most of the time it is a warm mole tone.

5. Clothing color trends: opposite colors

The opposite color is another color scheme that is becoming more popular among fashionistas. Because mixing and matching clothing colors is a lot of fun. It also makes the look of the dress look very colorful and chic. Believe that many people have tried to match colored clothes together and feel that why it doesn’t look right together. But if girls try to match with color matching. Especially the opposite color No matter what kind of mix and match However, I survived. And also get a stylish look that looks stylish like no other, of course.

What is the opposite color?

Opposite colors are those that are opposite each other on the color cycle. It is a color that gives a very conflicting feeling. Which is divided into 6 pairs of colors including

  • Yellow and purple
  • Red and green
  • Blue and orange
  • Orange yellow with purple blue
  • Orange red with green blue
  • Yellow-green with magenta