The idea of ​​”matching sneakers with clothes”

The most popular Korean series this time that the old people will not be able to miss is the series Run On. Which is a series about the story of sports like running. To have a hot hero like young Im Si-wan paired with the beautiful heroine Shin Se-kyung. 

But in addition to the stories of the royal couple that are very interesting. Another pair that is equally worth following is SNSD’s Choi Soo-young, or Girls’ Generation, which we know well. With a very handsome and charming guy Kang Tae-oh.  

Of course, our fans, having watched this drama, couldn’t help but focus on Sooyoung’s outfit or ‘President’ Dan Ah in the story. It can be said that it is a very chic and cool mix and match. The role of Sooyoung girl in that story will be the role of the company president Thus, we can often see Sooyoung wearing formal work clothes like a suit. But the true beauty is in the shoes everyone! You can see that our President Dan-un wears sneakers most of the time, almost the whole story. Therefore, Dan Ah’s work outfit look doesn’t look too old or too formal. But looks very chic and modern anyway

The fact that the character of Dan-ah wears sneakers for most of the story has a very profound origins. That’s because before she got into that business She had a dream of becoming a soccer player. Even if your dream will not come true. But she still wears sneakers every time she leaves the house hoping.

That there will be another accident for her to kick a ball. Like the scene when you went to see ‘Young Student’ Yonghwa or Kang Tae Oh. At the university and accidentally. A student kicking soccer in the grass kicking a soccer field and arrives at her standing area. Then she kicked this football back to cool! This is the opportunity that our President hopes to meet each day. Therefore causing her to wear sneakers all the time Because we don’t know when that opportunity will come

     Saw like this Although we don’t have an underlying reason for wearing sneakers like Dan-ah. But I can say that sneakers are a great item that can help adjust the look of our outfit. To look more chic like many of Dan-ah’s looks. So today we would like to take everyone to sneak. Some ideas for mix and match sneakers and clothes to be chic like Suyoung in the series Run On!

Sneakers Match Ideas

Like ‘Sooyoung’ in Run On

Nike x Undercover Daybreak sneakers

ADIDAS ORIGINALS Stan Smith Sneakers

ADIDAS ORIGINALS Stan Smith Sneakers