Leo Weekly Horoscope From UFABET999

Leo Weekly Horoscope from May 24 to May 30

Love on the brain, Leo? You could be one smitten kitten this Wednesday, May 26, when the lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Sagittarius, revving its engines in your fifth house of passion. A sweep-you-off-your-feet attraction may hijack all common sense—which isn’t altogether UNCOMMON for fervid Leos. Are you seeing things clearly? Under the shadows of an eclipse, probably not. But you’d kick yourself if you didn’t explore this, consequences be damned!

Leo Weekly Horoscope From UFABET999

Question: Can you “see what this is all about” without doing a ton of collateral damage to other parts of your life? Yes, it WILL require loads of ufabet, especially under the fiery beams of this eclipse. But you’ve been down roads like this before and you know how messy the cleanup can be. Adventurousness is one thing. Recklessly and impulsively throwing caution to the wind? Never a good look for anyone…and certainly not in the aftermath of that hurricane. The trick is to be transparent about your desires and actions, even if you’re scared that loved ones won’t understand. It’s a lot less complicated than covering up a secret!

Career-wise, this eclipse could vault you into the public eye. Ready or not, your professional life might become public in ways you weren’t expecting. Lean in to your leadership and showmanship. This isn’t about entertaining the troops, Leo. In high-minded Sagittarius, this eclipse turns you into a teacher, guide and philosopher. Open people’s minds to new ways of thinking and watch your fanbase grow! This Thursday, you may need to call on a ride-or-die homie to get you out of a jam. Set your pride to the side and reach out.

But here’s where it can get tricky. Instead of just saying, “I need help!” be super clear about what the right support would look like. Talking you back to your senses might not be enough. Not if what you’d REALLY like is pre-launch feedback on a project or an extra pair of hands (and muscles) for a home improvement mission. That said, if you’ve been leaning a little too heavily on one caring soul, source others in your circle for a change. Resentment can creep into the truest of friendships. And with Venus getting clipped by sacrificial Neptune on Thursday, you don’t want to risk pushing someone you love over that edge.