“How To Dress For Every Temperature This Winter 2021”

Winter vacation, there are many places and atmosphere. But the important thing is we want everyone to check the weather conditions before traveling. So that you can choose to dress appropriately. Therefore, where to go, must watch the weather. Then we arrange dress to welcome the cold wind in a beautiful and chic way so that you don’t have to carry too many clothes and bags too.

Temperature 15 – 20 degrees Celsius

The weather is comfortable, the average temperature is around 15 to 20 degrees in our country. If it is a province in the north or in the northeast. If going this way, it should be a sweater that doesn’t have to be too thick. 

Temperature 10 – 15 degrees Celsius

As for who booked the trip Winter travel Go a little further, such as North Vietnam, Taiwan, China in the south, something like this or at an average temperature of about 10-15 degrees, it can dress Winter Fashion In the same way as traveling in the north of Thailand But may change the shirt to be thicker or add a long sleeve shirt inside and put on a jacket over it again For those who like the softness of the sweater, they can wear it. Choose a simple color. Wear it with jeans. Or a thick cloth skirt This just became a young and cuddly girl.

Temperature 0 – 10 degrees Celsius

For anyone who travels to the cold in Korea, Japan or upper China, or the average temperature is around 0 – 10 degrees if dressed in the top two. I tell you that I definitely do not want to. Winter Fashion For this event, you need to arrange an over coat shirt if you can prevent the wind from getting too windy. Or as a sweater with a fur lining inside To add warmth Can also have a scarf as a prop In general, people in winter, they will prefer to wear dark colors such as black, navy, or earth tones like brown, cream, beige. Colors may choose to wear. But if you want it to look pretty and chic, it won’t be too flashy I’ll look at a strange lampshade.

Temperature -10 – 0 degrees Celsius

As for who is more advanced than that It’s cold winter, let’s go. Exposure to cold weather in Europe, America or the average temperature around From a single number to a negative Tell me that it is full. Winter Fashion Go ahead, your parents! Inside, put on one layer first. Over it with normal clothes It is a turtleneck sweater with long sleeves. Can also be worn with long pants. Then over the last layer with a chic thick sweater, allowed to arrange light furniture Not a lot, such as a long fur over coat that doesn’t look too dramatic. Or have fir around the hood of the sweater As for various props, scarves, gloves, hats, and yarns Long boots must come! Choose a model that is good enough. Keep warm Can be adjusted according to the weather conditions of the day.

How are you doing with winter dress. Including being able to adjust to the look that you like And do not forget to choose a set for people who want to travel together. Or dressing up as a couple is fun