American fashion brand, Work From Home situation

Fashion in the new wave of COVID-19 in 2021, many people will inevitably face the Work From Home (WFH) situation. People live uncomfortably with each other. Today, a famous brand from America they has created a collection that is too suitable for this WFH

Having fun at home styled may be the solution for your creativity to flow as it should be. And today, a famous brand from America has created a collection that is too suitable for this WFH range

Designer Batsheva Hay, a former lawyer who founded the brand Batsheva, has long featured in vintage dresses. She has been using this identity to create collections over and over. There is a rotation of inspiration to run in new collections. 

Under the brand’s unique silhouettes always Today, on the day when everyone has become an essential housewife staying at home, both full-time and continuous housework. Thus, the brand’s 2021 pre-fall collection is in line with the lifestyle of today’s people. Not only Thailand But means people all over the world.

Batchee took a little bit of the story of female power, with a few twists on the household and the subtleties of women being role-playing isn’t embarrassing, but can be proud as well. She states that the collection reflects the feminine persona in general. Go very well Life isn’t always as beautiful as fashion runways. 

It’s still fun Mess And the turbulent life of women, which is human nature So this comes out as the idea at the core of this collection that the battery says. “She reads a book in a battery pack playing with her children in a battery. Cooking in the battery all it clearly reflects that the battery is more than just a fashion, but trying to blend in harmoniously with the lifestyle.

Coming to the details of the clothes, the dress is still a key item. The grip and the floral print are still outstanding. Add more clothing to enhance your dexterity. Various details It has been created to look great with balconies, courtyards, kitchens and other parts of the house in different styles. 

This look-book shoot does not only present a bold outfit, creating a contradiction with a sleek background. But that dress blends in to create a “real” feel to those who see this fashion set as well