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7 Halsey Superfans On Their Favorite Products From The Singer's About-Face Beauty Brand

Favorite Products From The Singer’s About-Face Beauty Brand

Ahead of the launch of the new collection called Daytripper About-Face, we picked fan favorites. Makeup is for everyone. I want about-face to be the brand of creative expression. “My fans and about-face customers are more creative and talented than I ever could have dreamed,” Halsey notes.

Eyebrow trend, Korean shape 2021

Eyebrow trend, Korean shape 2021

When it comes to Korean makeup trends, it’s about writing Korean eyebrows. It’s still something that’s popular in our country with a good trend. But for this year 2021 , Korean style eyebrows trend. He secretly has a trend that has changed a bit. Today we picked Korean eyebrow trend That Korean girls

Makeup tips, Long-lasting beautiful face

Makeup tips, Long-lasting beautiful face

Makeup tips. Beautiful face for a long time, we believe that many girls will probably experience the same problem for sure. Than to make the makeup look absolutely beautiful each time It takes several minutes, or some people wear makeup for hours. But when stepping out of the house,

"Bank Natdanai a Makeup Artist in New York"

“Bank Natdanai a Makeup Artist in New York”

Bank Natdanai Boonyaratphon, a famous Thai makeup artist in America From her work as Head of Makeup Team in the global stage of New York Fashion Week, as well as her makeup career as a model for many leading fashion magazines. From childhood passion to the power

Including "clear purple blush 2021 for dark skin"

Including “clear purple blush 2021 for dark skin”

Darker skinned people often have trouble choosing a blush. Because if the brown tone is too dark, it will make the face look dull. If applying a light blush was barely able to see any color again. So today I have a blush that is suitable for dark skinned

How to "Cover up eyebrow tattoo", make new eyebrows

How to “Cover up eyebrow tattoo”, make new eyebrows

How to cover up eyebrows tattoo, which of the girls have tattooed eyebrows and don’t like them? Or want to change the look change the shape of the eyebrows to get more makeup. Because we can easily cover the eyebrow tattoo itself without to remove the tattoo at all, just follow how to do this,

"6 styles for packing bags With the makeup" items in each type

“6 Styles for Packing bags with the Makeup items in each type”

The makeup, Have you ever? Which will be sunscreen Body lotion, clothes, shoes, glasses, hat, yay !!! So many This is not including the cosmetic bag, which is considered the life of women. But these problems will go doctor because today we will ask to be a guide guru ‘6 styles of

Update the trend of Japanese girls "Jirai Makeup"

Update the trend of Japanese girls “Jirai Makeup”

Trend Up Jirai Makeup starting to become more interested. After the stars in Japan have tried this look on social media, it is a very eye-catching look that hides some of its charms. Plus, there is a very easy make-up process, so this time we will take your friends. Let’s

How To "Practice Fancy Makeup" Like A Professional!

How To “Practice Fancy Makeup” Like A Professional!

Introduce techniques and cosmetics to apply fancy makeup. Beginners can customize themselves. The beauty of beauty is diverse So there are many different makeup techniques as well. As usual, women often make up in a natural look or a everyday look because it is a look that is easy to wear and

4 "makeup tips for dark skinned girls", good tricks you must know

4 “makeup tips for dark skinned girls”, good tricks you must know

Skin color is another important factor that makes girls’ beautiful makeup stumbling, if you choose a makeup color, miss makeup doesn’t match your skin mistakes can always happen. His face was dull and gray, it looked no more dignified. Today we would like to bring you makeup tips to