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"6 styles for packing bags With the makeup" items in each type

“6 Styles for Packing bags with the Makeup items in each type”

The makeup, Have you ever? Which will be sunscreen Body lotion, clothes, shoes, glasses, hat, yay !!! So many This is not including the cosmetic bag, which is considered the life of women. But these problems will go doctor because today we will ask to be a guide guru ‘6 styles of

Update the trend of Japanese girls "Jirai Makeup"

Update the trend of Japanese girls “Jirai Makeup”

Trend Up Jirai Makeup starting to become more interested. After the stars in Japan have tried this look on social media, it is a very eye-catching look that hides some of its charms. Plus, there is a very easy make-up process, so this time we will take your friends. Let’s

How To "Practice Fancy Makeup" Like A Professional!

How To “Practice Fancy Makeup” Like A Professional!

Introduce techniques and cosmetics to apply fancy makeup. Beginners can customize themselves. The beauty of beauty is diverse So there are many different makeup techniques as well. As usual, women often make up in a natural look or a everyday look because it is a look that is easy to wear and

4 "makeup tips for dark skinned girls", good tricks you must know

4 “makeup tips for dark skinned girls”, good tricks you must know

Skin color is another important factor that makes girls’ beautiful makeup stumbling, if you choose a makeup color, miss makeup doesn’t match your skin mistakes can always happen. His face was dull and gray, it looked no more dignified. Today we would like to bring you makeup tips to