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The fashion industry accounts for a massive 10% of the world’s total carbon footprint. Whilst big fashion brands are part of the problem, they can also be part of the solution. More recently, we’re seeing some big names leading the way with ethical and sustainable fashion, and

7 tips to take "care of your hair"

7 tips to take “care of your hair”

How to nourish your hair. Besides you girls Must pay attention to the makeup and dressing procedures I have to give time for maintenance and hair care too. Like this will ensure that the whole body is beautiful and flawless Today we pick up 7 tips to take care

8 Beauty secrets for "office ladies"

8 Beauty secrets for “office ladies”

Who works as “office ladies”? We believes that there are many girls. Raise your hand a lot. And problems that often bother girls Working outside the home is so busy that you don’t have time to take care of yourself. Come to know again, shabby looking in the mirror and be

7 "makeup technique easy steps keep your face perfect"

7 “makeup technique easy steps keep your face perfect”

Makeup technique today we have great tips. Come to leave the beginners to learn makeup technique. It is a simple makeup technique. For beginners or people who just practice . That there are any techniques that make up the bang and make it easy to

5 Ways to "Reduce Bags under eyes", Nourishes the Skin

5 Ways to “Reduce Bags under eyes”, Nourishes the Skin

Bags under eyes are swollen, and it also comes with a dark, unappealing look. If the girls’ eyes There is a problem like this. We must hurry to find a solution to the problem of swollen bags under the eyes to disappear. Because if you let it go,

"Acne Treatment Formula", make your face clear

“Acne Treatment Formula”, make your face clear

Many people with acne or blackheads. Often interested in finding a variety of facial treatment regimens that can be obtained. Sometimes it doesn’t work for my skin type. I don’t know what kind of treatment that won’t hurt my sensitive skin. Follow this way. Today we have a formula for

8 Tips for "beautiful skin", any skin type

8 Tips for “beautiful skin”, any skin type

Beautiful skin, women regardless of their skin type, are able to create a beautiful, clear complexion, clear complexion with 8 easy-to-follow tips. Because we believe that having a beautiful face. It is one of the important tools that will make every woman more confident. Let’s take a look and see what

7 Best DIY "Hair Mask" Recipes

7 Best DIY “Hair Mask” Recipes

DIY Hair Mask Recipes, healthy and beautiful hair is the ultimate desire of women as well as having a beautiful appearance. Because just having soft hair, beautiful to the touch, can easily add a glamorous charm, then don’t wait. For anyone who wants to have beautiful and

How to "keeping hands hydrated and healthy"

How to “keeping hands hydrated and healthy”

Hands hydrated is one of the skin we need to take good care. Because if your hands are dry and rough, then they will have wrinkles and wrinkles quickly before aging. With our hands a small bone Inside, all 28 pieces are small pieces. That allows us to move

"Whitening facial skin before going to bed" with 9 easy steps

“Whitening facial skin before going to bed” with 9 easy steps

White and healthy facial skin. Do you know that it starts with taking care of your skin before going to bed? That is because at night while sleeping The skin will repair and restore itself. Therefore, skin care methods before bedtime are very important and something that cannot