“Whitening facial skin before going to bed” with 9 easy steps

White and healthy facial skin. Do you know that it starts with taking care of your skin before going to bed? That is because at night while sleeping The skin will repair and restore itself. Therefore, skin care methods before bedtime are very important and something that cannot be ignored. 

It is believed that many people may already have skin care before going to bed. But it may not be the order of applying the cream before bedtime. Or lack of a way to apply any part of the cream before bedtime. Therefore for the correct understanding today, the gearbox dot com has a step. The maintenance of the facial skin before going to bed is guaranteed that the facial skin is in this order. Wake up, the skin will be white, clear and healthy for sure.

1. Wipe makeup on your face thoroughly with cleansing.

The first step of the facial maintenance procedure before bed is Should wipe the face and wash the makeup on the face thoroughly by using “cleansing” starting from using a cotton swab, eye remover, wipe the makeup around the eyes thoroughly first. Whether it is eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, etc. finished, use a cotton swab to wipe the rest of the face. To clean the makeup on the face thoroughly.

2. Facial masks or facial scrubs

For this step is considered How to care for clear skin, which girls should do at least 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes each time, whether it’s a face mask Or facial scrub Either or you can do it alternately each week. The face mask will help reduce pimples. And reduce clogging of the skin As for the facial scrub, it exfoliates the pimples and dead skin cells. Makes the skin white, clear, smooth and free from pimples.

3. Wash your face with cleansing foam.

For the final step of cleaning your face is washing your face as well. “Cleansing Foam” should choose a facial foam suitable for skin type. Wash your face thoroughly. And after washing does not make the face feel dry This will help reduce premature aging. However, how to wash your face, girls should massage the cleansing foam along the pores. Should not massage the pores. It helps to wash your face clean and dirt does not clog it.

4. Apply Essence of water. Or wipe with toner

After washing your face clean Into the skin care step Starting from using water essence to apply on the face Or wipe the face with a toner either This is in order to prepare the skin before the maintenance with other creams, because Essence or toner should be selected using a formula that helps with clarity Will help make the white face faster as well.

5.Apply skin serum

The next step is to apply a skin serum. By giving a drop of serum onto the palm, pat and apply on the face thoroughly Which the serum texture will be absorbed into the skin quickly Makes it deeply nourishing the skin. And for anyone who wants to maintain clear and white skin the trick is to choose a regular whitening serum such as Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence Serum that contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to help your skin look naturally radiant since the first time use this one is not just a good skin serum as well. 

But also as Treatment, Day cream and Night cream finish in one bottle, it doesn’t just answer the question of white and radiant. It also helps reduce wrinkles, dark spots as well as help add moisture. You can take care of your skin with a complete formula.

6. Apply eye cream

The skin around the eyes is sensitive. And needs special care Therefore, it is advisable to use a gentle cream for the skin around the eyes especially. Also known as “eye cream” that how to use, gently tap the cream under the eyes. Or apply from the direction of the eye to the corner of the eye To prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.

7. Apply facial cream

For this step, it is a way to keep the skin moisturized. Girls should use a night cream formula or a night cream especially. Since night creams contain moisturizer as the main ingredient. Makes the skin moist. This will help slow down the aging process as well. It will also help the skin repair and recover itself fully during sleep. However, in addition to applying the cream on the face Don’t forget to apply on your neck as well.

8. Apply acne scars

For women who have acne After all facial procedures are complete, finish with the use of acne medication. Dab the face on the acne area every time. This will help the acne collapse and heal faster.

9. Apply lip balm on the lips

Finally, after all the procedures have been completed, One more thing that you can’t ignore before you sleep. That is to nourish the lips with “lip balm” or use petroleum jelly. This is to keep lips moisturized all night. It will also help prevent dry mouth, peeling and flaky as well.

For the skin maintenance procedure before going to bed, all 9 steps are not difficult, right? Now when you know the right steps Do not forget to practice together as well. I can confirm that your face will be white, healthy, healthy without acne.