5 techniques for “nail care”

The beauty of the girls It does not stop with the face. we believes that everyone wants to own a beautiful body from hair tip to toe and “nails” is another thing that women focus on whether it is a spa treatment. Manicure and pedicure entering the nail salon to add color to the nails or to keep them clean. By myself at home today, we have a simple “technique” in nail care together.

1. TIPS nail care

– Cut nails in a straight line To prevent abnormal nail regeneration in the side niche of the nails.
– Cut the nails after a shower. Because the nail texture is softer than usual, making it easy to cut.
– Nail file in one direction. Do not file back and forth with violence.
– Clean and “disinfect” nail art supplies with 70% or higher alcohol at least once a month.
– Avoid trimming the cuticles. Because the nose and nails have a function to help prevent pathogens such as fungi from entering the skin under the nails
– before going to bed to nourish the nails and nose nails as well. Almond or avocado oil for

hydration Prevents dry and peeling If the above oils are not available, a Lip Balm can be used instead
– see.And keep fingernails clean and dry at all times To reduce the growth of bacteria
– Wear rubber gloves when doing household chores that require chemicals such as washing dishes, washing clothes or gardening.
– Stop the behavior of “nail biting” because in addition to losing personality. It also increases the chances of pathogens entering the body as well.
– Prevent brittleness and maintain moisture of the nails by applying. Hand and nail care products After cutting nails.

2. MIRROR Recommends

“Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream” combines the value of lemon oil and bees wax. Helps to keep nails healthy, clean, shiny and add moisture to the nails. With a fresh scent,
“Replete Cuticle Oil”  helps nourish and inhibit skin, nose, nails, peeling or dryness. Along with adding strength and shine to nails With argan, almond and lavender essential oils Without mixing chemicals and fragrances Comes in a stick form with an easy-to-use brush tip.
“Jergens Hand & Nail Cream” helps deeply nourish the skin. To preserve the health of the hands and nails to be soft to the touch. Combines a mixture of vitamins C, E and B5. The cream is absorbed quickly. And maintain moisture for a long time Suitable for particularly dry skin.
“L’Occitane Nail & Cuticule Nourishing Oil”Nail and nail care oil enriched with 30% shea oil concentration helps to soften nails and nails. And nails become stronger Comes with soft bristles. Can be applied easily and quickly to apply the product.

3. TIPS for paint

– Avoid using Nail polishes that contain harsh chemicals such as “Formaldehyde” and “Dibutyl Phthalate” because these chemicals are harmful to nail health.
– The use of “dark” nail polish for a long time. Yellow nails Therefore should allow the nails to rest by alternating with some nails.
– Choose a gentle nail polish remover. (Acetone-free) because it does not destroy the moisture of the nails.
– Every time you apply your nails, apply “Base Coat” and “Top Coat”. Always, because the Base Coat keeps the nails away from unwanted stains and the Top Coat extends the life of the nail polish to last longer. Eliminating the need to wash and reapply frequently
– Solve the problem of long-standing nail polish until the mixture separates and settles at the bottom of the bottle by rolling it over the palm instead of shaking. Because shaking will create air bubblesAnd makes it even more difficult to apply
– If the nail polish starts to thicken and difficult to apply, try mixing 2-3 drops of ” Nail Lacquer Thinner”. Do not mix with nail polish remover. Because it will cause the color to be distorted and easy to peel

4. TIPS for salon

– Choose the nail salon Clean and disinfect tools and footbaths every time. Before accepting new clients
– avoid acrylic and gel nails. This is because both the procedure and the removal can greatly weaken the health of the nails.
– If you do a gel manicure It is strictly forbidden to scrape or peel with bare hands. Because it destroys the natural coating on the nails Fingernails should be soaked in nail polish remover mixed with nail oil.
– Try to use fake nails that use glue to paste on real nails. Instead of acrylic or gel nails Because it can do it on its own and will not damage the health of the nails in the long run.

5. Nourishment

– Eat foods that contain “keratin” protein such as fish, grains and nuts, or try eating them. “Cod liver oil” as well.
– B vitamins help strengthen the nails. Found in foods such as cooked rice, egg yolk, liver, animal  organs, yogurt, milk, nuts
– zinc helps reduce the symptoms of white flowers. Try choosing oysters, liver, mushrooms, sesame seeds, as it is a rich source of zinc. Or mineral zinc
– iron prevents the formation of rough skin on nails, found in liver, blood, red meat, almonds, green leafy vegetables and seafood

Having a clean, well-groomed fingernails and toenails In addition to looking beautiful It is also like a mirror, reflecting our little attention to detail, so which Lady MIRROR ignores this? Consider setting aside time to focus on your nails a little, so you won’t waste your time.