10 tips to create a flat tummy You don’t have to starve, you can be slim

Any girls who want to have flat tummy in a way that does not require starvation Do not miss out on all 10 secrets to make your belly flat that we leave together today. Whisper to say that besides not having to starve also help the girls Happy to eat food and have a beautiful and confident belly as well. Let’s start flat tummy with the first tip.

1. Eat an apple every day

When the happiness of girls is eating, so to make a flat tummy must start with eating. It is recommended to eat an apple every day. Because this fruit helps to reduce belly fat as well. It is also rich in pectin. which has the ability to reduce cholesterol as well

2. Increase protein intake

Let’s move on to eating another way. Increasing the amount of protein foods will help reduce the belly of the girls to be flat because of the increase in protein content than before. This will stimulate the metabolism to work better. In addition, protein is good for digestion and absorption of nutrients. Not losing the metabolism ever.

3. Drink a lot of water

In addition to the girls will enjoy eating that helps flatten the stomach. You should also focus on drinking plenty of water, it is recommended to drink one glass of water before each meal. And during the day it is recommended to drink water regularly. In order to get enough water intake.

4. Move your body

If you don’t want to exercise vigorously, you should at least keep moving your body, such as sitting up, going up and down the stairs, and controlling your breathing. which easy way This helps to tighten the abdomen quite well.

5. Play with weights
. Playing with weights will help build muscle as well as get rid of fat. Because this type of sport helps to stimulate metabolism as well. But it’s often recommended to do weights along with cardio. because it will give better results.

6. Cardio
doing cardio Using a 10-minute sprint, 1 minute sprint, 10 burpees, and 20 push-ups, doing this for about 5 rounds will help you get a flat stomach. But do not forget that doing cardio without weights. It can cause muscle wasting. especially the muscles in the abdomen Therefore, both cardio and weight training should be done. It will help you to have a flat stomach with beautiful muscles.

7. jump rope

Skipping rope is an exercise that can help you get a flat stomach faster. Because it helps to stimulate the burning of calories very high.

8. Refrain from eating 2-3 hours before going to bed

When enjoying eating. Should have discipline in eating as well. which abstaining from eating all kinds of food 2-3 hours before going to bed can help to have a flat stomach because during sleep Our metabolism slows down.

9. Reduce eating salty food

Do not forget that salty food is the cause of swelling So who wants to have a flat stomach? But I can’t say goodbye to salty food at all. Kosher salt or sea salt is recommended for use in cooking. Because both types of salt are low in sodium content.

10. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.
Young women are already aware that alcohol can cause the body to store more fat than before. In addition, these fats also require 36% more metabolism than before, so during the reduction of the abdomen. It is best ufabet to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

For girls who want to make their own belly flat. Without having to torture yourself with dieting, do not forget to apply these 10 tips to each other. The important thing is to strictly follow them. It will help to see the results clearly.