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Including "clear purple blush 2021 for dark skin"

Including “clear purple blush 2021 for dark skin”

Darker skinned people often have trouble choosing a blush. Because if the brown tone is too dark, it will make the face look dull. If applying a light blush was barely able to see any color again. So today I have a blush that is suitable for dark skinned

Fear of God "Autumn fashion 2021" collection

Fear of God “Autumn fashion 2021” collection

ESSENTIALS Fall 2021 Loungewear is a fashion style that will bring you into the style of retro wear. Autumn fashion with a mixing and matching design. Creating a collection from talented designer “Jerry Lorenzo” featuring designs inspired by late ’80s and early 90s fashion.  By emphasizing the color scheme that

"Acne Treatment Formula", make your face clear

“Acne Treatment Formula”, make your face clear

Many people with acne or blackheads. Often interested in finding a variety of facial treatment regimens that can be obtained. Sometimes it doesn’t work for my skin type. I don’t know what kind of treatment that won’t hurt my sensitive skin. Follow this way. Today we have a formula for

How to "Cover up eyebrow tattoo", make new eyebrows

How to “Cover up eyebrow tattoo”, make new eyebrows

How to cover up eyebrows tattoo, which of the girls have tattooed eyebrows and don’t like them? Or want to change the look change the shape of the eyebrows to get more makeup. Because we can easily cover the eyebrow tattoo itself without to remove the tattoo at all, just follow how to do this,

8 Tips for "beautiful skin", any skin type

8 Tips for “beautiful skin”, any skin type

Beautiful skin, women regardless of their skin type, are able to create a beautiful, clear complexion, clear complexion with 8 easy-to-follow tips. Because we believe that having a beautiful face. It is one of the important tools that will make every woman more confident. Let’s take a look and see what

"How To Dress For Every Temperature This Winter 2021"

“How To Dress For Every Temperature This Winter 2021”

Winter vacation, there are many places and atmosphere. But the important thing is we want everyone to check the weather conditions before traveling. So that you can choose to dress appropriately. Therefore, where to go, must watch the weather. Then we arrange dress to welcome

7 Best DIY "Hair Mask" Recipes

7 Best DIY “Hair Mask” Recipes

DIY Hair Mask Recipes, healthy and beautiful hair is the ultimate desire of women as well as having a beautiful appearance. Because just having soft hair, beautiful to the touch, can easily add a glamorous charm, then don’t wait. For anyone who wants to have beautiful and

"6 styles for packing bags With the makeup" items in each type

“6 Styles for Packing bags with the Makeup items in each type”

The makeup, Have you ever? Which will be sunscreen Body lotion, clothes, shoes, glasses, hat, yay !!! So many This is not including the cosmetic bag, which is considered the life of women. But these problems will go doctor because today we will ask to be a guide guru ‘6 styles of

American fashion brand, Work From Home situation

American fashion brand, Work From Home situation

Fashion in the new wave of COVID-19 in 2021, many people will inevitably face the Work From Home (WFH) situation. People live uncomfortably with each other. Today, a famous brand from America they has created a collection that is too suitable for this WFH Having fun